IOT Internet of Things

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IOT Internet of Things – the Basics about it :

Have you ever heard the term “IOT Internet of Things”?
If so, you may have wondered what it means. Well, many people know what the Internet is
and that computers and cell phones connect to it in a way that allows individuals to use
and browse the Internet directly. However, the Internet of Things is a little different.
This article will discuss the definition of this concept and how it’s used.

IOT Internet of Things

IOT Internet of Things

IOT Internet of Things

The IOT is basically the network that “things” use to communicate with each other
and get information to function.
Here’s an example: many cars these days come equipped with technology that connects them to
a network that allows them to know the weather, be aware of the traffic, and even send diagnostic
and use data to the manufacturer.

The IOT Internet of Things allows many of today’s devices to be “smart” and access information
that makes them very useful in everyday life.

This is a huge emerging market that will have many uses and impacts in the upcoming decades.
Many industries, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, banks, home devices, and many more,
are beginning to utilize this tool. Some of the biggest companies developing and using this technology
include Amazon, Google, the major cell phone companies, Comcast, FitBit, and many others.

IOT Internet of Things – devices

Devices That Connect to the IOT Internet of Things:

Although there are already many devices that connect to the IOT Internet of Things, there will be
even more uses being developed for this technology in the near future.
Self-driving cars connect to each other using the IOT as do medical devices,
kitchen devices, and more. Basically, any device other than computers and smartphones that connects
to the Internet or other devices is using the IOT Internet of Things.

While the IOT Internet of Things has great potential and many uses already being utilized,
Business Insider reports that privacy and security could be a big issue in the future.
Because this is still a relatively new technology, there are still some research and areas that
need to be worked out. However, this is definitely one of the main ways that the world will continue
to grow more technologically advanced in the next few decades.